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Kassa Garden offers outdoor garden furniture with a modern architectural structure and living spaces where you can spend comfortable and enjoyable time with your loved ones. We are happy to offer you the peace and comfort you need away from the stress of city life.

Call us to enrich your space and give it a modern look. Because Kassa Garden, which offers ergonomic and all-weather resistant products that are worthy of your life, garden, balcony, terrace, poolside, hotel, boat, beach and cafe; without sacrificing quality and flexibility, adds modern lines to your spaces with its wide range of products renewed every year. While we offer you many alternatives by combining our strength and experience from manufacturing with the support of our architect staff, we also work on your garden or hotel space, combining qualified materials with modern lines. We manufacture, import, market and sell our products wholesale and retail, and catalogs of all materials used in special orders are offered to your preference.

We use aluminum profile in the skeleton of our products. The ropes we use in our products are resistant to sun rays and do not cause bacteria and moss. Our fabrics do not absorb water and do not change color in the sun. The woods we use in our products are iveco wood and do not rot in the external environment. In paint: We wash with pressurized chemical in static paint oven, then we make micron nickel coating and dry it in the oven at 200 degrees, then we paint it in the next stage and dry it again at 200 degrees.

In line with the expectations of the markets, we continue to serve you by creating our price, customer, quality-oriented collections in line with the needs of the sector with a principled and quality management approach.

The goal of our company, which has a wide production area, is to improve itself and its products every day and to deliver quality to our customers with the most accurate prices and to reach the position it deserves in the market.

In order to respond to market expectations, we will follow the latest trends and thanks to our young dynamic and talented workforce, new design and ideal model studies will continue continuously with our R&D studies.


A) In our models where wood and metal are combined;

  1. Garden, outdoor sofa sets and table coffee table groups
  2. Our tea sets and coffee tables for your terraces and balconies
  3. Our sun lounger models where you can enjoy the sun and water, etc. products

B) High quality long-lasting painting is done in our electrostatic powder coating facility with an area of 1000 m2.

C) In our electrostatic powder coating facility, contract painting operations are also carried out with the existing conveyor system paint and spray surface treatment line.


"A KASSA Garden branded product in every space"


“To be a brand that is preferred and easily accessible by everyone.”


"As the "KASSA Garden" family, we aim to deliver our unique designs to our consumers with minimum costs without sacrificing high quality."


To reflect the needs and expectations of the sector to its products and services at every point with its consumer-oriented approach.

To design robust, aesthetic and ergonomic products and present them to our customers with minimum costs and to continuously improve our product portfolio.

To combine our innovative line with modern production and marketing approach with our experience in the sector.

To continuously improve the Quality Management System and increase customer satisfaction.


  • A principled and high quality approach to continuity with new trends
  • We continue to work hard and produce services with our customer satisfaction-oriented principle by prioritizing principle, quality and continuity to contribute to new trends.
  • For always further and better
  • For a happy tomorrow and peaceful days